FIRST POWER UP finds FIRST Robotics Competition teams trapped in an 8-bit video game. Each three-team alliance has three ways to help defeat the boss: Tipping the scale or the alliance’s switch in their favor to earn points, exchanging power cubes for power ups (force, boost, and levitate) to gain a temporary advantage during the match, and climbing the scale tower to face the boss. The alliance with the highest score at the end of the match, which includes autonomous and teleoperated periods, defeats the boss and wins the game.


     ~  Week 1: We brainstormed and began work on the robot.  We began to work and the frame, wheels, and wiring were in progress.

     ~  Week 2: We began work on the elevator and support.

     ~  Week 3: More progress on the elevator as well as the beginning of the intake.

     ~  Week 4: The intake is almost complete, and the wiring is completely funtional.

     ~  Week 5: All of the components were added onto the robot.

     ~  Week 6: Fine tune ups and bagging up for competition!