April 8, 2017

Alamo Regional

The Alamo Regional and the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center gave way to the first for our team! We were graciously invited to be on an alliance with teams  4063 (TriKzR4Kidz), 231 (High Voltage, as well as our back-up member 3834 (The Crab-Bots).  With the help from everyone on the alliance, we were able to pull off our first victory!

November 11, 2017

Texas Remix

The Texas remix and college park high school gave way to another win for our team.  In almost a deja vu like even we were chosen by the number one team just as we had at Alamo Regional.  Again we went on to secure the win with teams 148 Robowranglers and team 1477 Texas Torque.